8 Signs That Show A Guy Will Eventually Become An Irresponsible Husband
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8 Signs That Show A Guy Will Eventually Become An Irresponsible Husband is what you are about to find out.The way some guys behaves clearly shows that they will end up as headache for their wives in the nearest future if care is not taken.But that is not our portion in Jesus name.Amen

I can’t really blame guys who are involved in the act of humiliating ladies in public and online because these ladies in question must have torment their heart but going to the extent of destroying their hard earned values, is the major concern here.

Therefore let’s take a look at signs that indicate a guy will become an irresponsible husband.

1.Being  Extremely stingy or greedy

Some guys are so stingy to the extent that they can not even call their girlfriends for just one minute in a day. The only time they call for long period is during free night calls or bonus awarded from tele-communication providers. If they call for 30secs, they will hang up and later give excuses through whatsapp or Blackberry Messenger that it was due to network failure.That is what i can a bunch of lies that are not meant to be told at all.This things happens on regular basis and those guy keep on giving flimsy excuses for their irresponsible characters.

2.They start being Highly promiscuous

This issue is common to those guys who will never zipped up for once in their life by chasing every tom and harry in skirt they see in the street. These categories of guys are likely to end up becoming sugar daddy, chasing ladies who are even young enough to be their daughter in future.Please correct me if am wrong,there is freedom of expression as you all know.

3. There is a sign of laziness

Some guys are so lazy to the extent that they can not do any thing,they have no goal, vision and purpose in life. They are just too lazy to seize common opportunities around them as they are only seen in betting shops like Merrybet, nairabet, etc. to make money.I am not saying that betting is a bad thing but it should be done moderately.Perhaps they have been brainwashed into thinking that there is a short cut to success.What a pity.

4. They harras ladies

One thing i hate with passion is when a guy beat or disgrace his girlfriend in public just because she hangs out another a guy.As a responsible mature guy,it is not supposed to be so.You don’t even know who the person is or the reasons for her actions.And even if you do as the case might be,that does not give you the right to beat or harass her.

5.Bad  Habit of drinking and smoking

For a guy that drinks too much alcohol and smoke  in order to control his anger, is not a responsible man. Such guys cannot become responsible husbands to their wives because they can use children’s school fee and other budgetary money to drink and smoke as the case might be.Remember that drinking and smoking can not and will never help you to become a better man.Besides that,federal ministry of health warns that smokers are liable to die young.The choice is yours.

6.Living a Wrong lifestyle

Some guys rock and roll with the wrong peer groups who have influence them to have shameful and regrettable  lifestyles like attending midnight clubbing,yahoo yahoo activities, rape gangs and area touts.This is not the way to live life.Always remember that there is more to life than all this.Even the Bible says that ”there is a way that seems right unto a man,but the end thereof are the ways of death”.

7. Careless attitude

The way some guys behave somtimes, can be likened to a voracious animal. They dump and change ladies like sanitary pads as they care less about their emotion by suggesting abortion for any sex journey that becomes foetus.This is not supposed to be.

8. Poor financial planning

Some guys lavishly spend money like trumpet without thinking about future investment. They spend their money on vague things like phones, prostitutes, etc. Such guys will eventually become an irresponsible husband in the nearest future.

Bad listening habit: most guys have this habit and it results in ineffective communication, which usually have an adverse impact on the productivity of the individual and their relationships. Poor listening definitely make a huge, negative impact on team morale and productivity. This situation usually results in conflicts and misunderstandings among partners , and thereby it creating a negative environment.

Lack of Self control : some guys lack the ability to control their emotions, behavior, and desires. Guys should constantly be striving towards self-control and discipline, because these are foundations of integrity that one must cultivate.Do all in your capacity to bring yourself to certain level of control. One thing they need to understand about self-control is that it is not as much about saying no to certain fleshly desires, lusts
and cravings but more about living and abundant life free from addiction, regret and shame.

Interrupting a conversation: guys are good at Interrupting a conversation with improper body language or inappropriate words and this has a negative impact on their relationships.

Dirty: some guys are so dirty that if they should pass you, oh my God! you won’t be able to breathe for hours and most of them terms it sexy.

Bragging : some guys can brag like hell,they even brag about unnecessary things that ought not to be bragged about.You will see them bragging about sport,clubs,ladies,unworthy assets etc.Guys who do this have a high chance of not becoming responsible husbands to their wives.