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Do you know that Adsense Can Ban Your Account For Spamming Social Media Like Facebook?What can you say about Google Adsense accounts being banned easily without warnings or apology from Google Adsense Team? just sit down for a few minutes and ponder on this.

Few days ago, a very close associate of mine was seriously complaining bitterly to me about what Google Adsense did to him, by banning his account with some huge amount of money in it. To the lay man, that is pure wickedness but it’s not because adsense are only maintaining their rules and policies.,

Let’s look at it from this angle, many bloggers are not even interested whether the click will be beneficiary to the Advertisers. All they demand for is a click. Well if you are such a person, you could likely be the next person to get Google adsense unexpected ban.

The fact that social media’s such as Facebook,Yahoo, Twitter and Whatsapp have a way of generating you huge traffic and also getting your site to rank up on the search engines should not warrant you the right to spam in there.  Such traffic you feel, you generate from Facebook groups and pages is not an organic traffic. Google respects organic traffic and that is what they require from you. Why don’t you spend more time in generating something meaningful, work on your Search Engine Optimization and lots of other stuffs to get real traffic, rather than joining Facebook groups and spamming them.

Some time ago, a close friend was also into such act, he discovered his earnings were fluctuating, I told him to stop it. of which he did. Just in twenty-four(24)hours his earnings became stable. Google expect you to know how much they take invalid clicks serious, so you should know your visitors.Therefore,thou shall not engage in that act.

The bottom line here is, stop spamming social media and start creating original contents to generate organic traffic that would lead to nice earnings, than getting facebook traffic leading to too much invalid clicks.You have to do what is right in the sight of adsense if you must remain in their program.I don’t think there is anything hard in following adsense policies,just do what is right and you will keep smiling to the bank.