Bangladesh ferry capsized with over 200 occupants
Bangladesh ferry capsized with over 200 occupants

Some weeks ago,Bangladesh ferry capsized with over 200 occupants at South Korea .Another one also capsized carrying 200 passengers on board.Today,may 15th,a Bangladesh ferry capsized as it passed through the Meghna river in Munshiganj district very close to the capital,Dhaka.e

Resource disclosed that nine bodies have been discovered which includes women and children,as they expects to recover more bodies with time.

Those who managed to survive,did so because of their ability to swim,while the rescue operation have been working tirelessly to ensure that more bodies will be seen and recovered.

There was serious confusion over how many passengers were present on board,as the sea authority could not verify the complete list of occupants on board.

About 40 bodies were recovered by the sea divers.

The most annoying part of it all,that the Bangladesh ferry operators don’t usually keep the list of total numbers of  passengers on board.

The source also said that they have been able to recover more dead bodies from the lower decks and other open spaces of the ferry,but were unable to gain access to the cabin room where some passengers took shelter.

Lokman Hussain,a relative of one of the victims was seen sobbing as he cod not trace his brother,neither did anyone assure him of such.

What a sad end for the victims who couldn’t make it alive!

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