A good grasp of health and safety consciousness is a foundation to good living,hence health is wealth. Staying healthy and safe is a choice we should voluntary embrace and not in anyway by chance. Now let us view health in two perspective. first of all, health is a condition of total soundness of the body,mind,soul and spirit.

Secondly,according to the World Health Organization (W.H.O), health is the total absence of sickness or disease, but a sense of complete mental, physically and social well-being of a person.

Health is wealth, so therefore being healthy depends on individual choice and ability to combine many factors with a view to improving health related issues and skip risk prone situations. We need to

practise some certain skills and also have certain knowledge about health to some degree.

Now, what kind of food do we consume? because it really matters a lot. we need to eat food that contains adequate nutrients that helps in building the body and nourishing it as well. such foods includes fish, egg, beans, milk, meat etc, which are good source of protein that helps to repair the body cells and also supply energy to the body.

Talking about carbohydrates, these are energy giving foods. good example of carbohydrates are Garri(cassava), yams, potatoes, bread, cereals etc. They supply the body with the right amount of energy required to make the body function properly. The body needs these food on regular basis to be able to carry out its daily functions.

Apart from the above mentioned sources of food, we also have vitamins and minerals which helps to fight against diseases in the body. examples are grapes, banana, orange, vegetables, eggs, pineapple, melon, lime etc.

Finally water is highly needed for the proper digestion of the food and total blood regulation and circulation, after which these water is being lose by sweating and urinating. To summarize it all, we have to consume all the necessarily things needed by the body for it proper function thereby increasing the rate of body metabolism. We also need lot of exercise to crown it all. So whatever you do, always remember that health is wealth.