How to Live Longer
How to Live Longer

The desire on how to live longer is the hope of all humans on earth and making just a few adjustments in your lifestyle can greatly improve your chances of living longer.

Experts have found out that the bad lifestyles like not exercising,smoking, drinking too much alcohol,, and not eating enough fruits and vegetables can bring one into an early grave.

The good news is that you can do something to correct these and other unhealthy lifestyles.You need to apply the following habits in order to keep your body looking fresh and feeling young all day.

Always Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

In order to live longer,you need to eat at least three different servings of fruits and vegetables a day so as to increase your health rate and chances of living longer.Remember that nutritional power-houses filled with  fruits and vitamins, fiber and vegetables can lower your risk of heart disease by 79% and may even play a vital role toward decreasing your risk of breast cancer in the life of women as the case may be.

Try to Get Yourself busy

Having yourself engaged in recreational activities for like two to three times per week can also increase your chances of living longer. Getting busy can burn an innumerable amount of calories out of the body system.Running for at least 30 minutes everyday is a good way to start.

Regular sex for married couples may also boost your immunity, lower your blood pressure, improve your sleep, , and protect your heart.(only for couples)

Don’t eat too much

Always make sure that your body metabolism is moderate or well balanced.So If you want to live up to 100 years, remaining a little bit of food on your plate may as well be a good idea. Just try as much as possible not to eat too much food and chocolates so as invite obesity.That how to Live Longer

How to Live Longer

Be moderate in your Drinking

It is very healthy and advisable to take a considerable amount of water everyday.It helps the body metabolism and also aids digestion.

Taking enough water most especially in the early hours of the day starting from when you wake up,is one good way to increase your chance of living longer.Doctors,nutritionists and most people understands this very well.So therefore,begin to cultivate the habit of drinking adequate amount of water if you desire to live longer and stop the bad habit of taking alcoholic drinks which could damage the body systems and bring you to your early grave.

Stop watching TV for long hours

For some of you who are fond of watching television for a very long period of time,it is time for you to stop it because it is very hazardous to your health most especially the eyes and the brain.What you have failed to understand is that it actually goes a long way towards causing more health problems which lowers your chances of living longer.

Too much time in front of the television can cause a serious damage on your health. In fact, study have proved that people who watched five or more hours  everyday were 47% more likely to die from any cause than people who watched for short period of time.

Avoid Staying in the sun

Staying in the sun for a long period of time can cause skin cancer,so learn to stay away from the sun so that you can keep looking young thereby preventing  saggy skin, and wrinkles.

It’s never too early or too late to add sunscreen to your daily skin-care regimen to your will do you a great deal and make you to look even younger than your age.

Stop smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the most important thing you can do for your health as a person.Federal ministry of health had warned that smokers are liable to die young,so if you desire to live long,you have to stop the bad habit of smoking.If you have been smoking before,it is high time  you stop.

It’s never too late to quit your smoking habit. Doing so can greatly slow disease and increase your rate of survival even if you have encounter any smoking -related diseases before.

Focus on body fitness

Regular daily exercise may be the nearest thing we have towards developing healthy mindset on how to live long.

We should engage in moderate exercise,perhaps 30-minute walk each day, for example can help to lower your risk of heart problems,obesity and other related diseases.