Relationship is not a one way thing,it involves two persons who clearly understand each other.It is a fundamental principle that is based on love,trust,tolerance and the likes.Here are some of the ways to sustain or maintain a good and healthy relationship:

Be passionate.

Cultivate intellectual chemistry. Read. Discuss topics of interest. Debate. Talk about your individual and shared dreams. Converse. Exchange ideas.Do things together whenever you have the chance.

Cultivate emotional chemistry. Share how you feel. Ask your partner how he or she feels about you. Be open and honest about your affairs. Say what you need. Get to know yourself and your partner better and better all the time.

Cultivate physical chemistry. Touch, trade massages, kiss, hug, cuddle, make love etc. Be on the same page about when and how often you ought to have sex. If you’re sleeping with someone but not in a committed relationship, communicate about the level of exclusivity of your sexual relations because it very important to both partners.

A happy marriage or life partnership is one in which the partners both hold on to each other, being kind, supportive and caring, and let go of each other, each maintaining his or her independence, freedom and individuality.

No matter what type of romantic situation we’re talking about—taking vows or co-habitating  or just good, old-fashioned dating—we all aspire to attain and sustain meaningful relationships, right?

If you’re single and looking, keep putting yourself out there, meeting people, and being open and eventually you will find someone with whom you want to sustain a romantic relationship. In the meantime, don’t settle for lame boyfriends or boring girlfriends or meaningless, casual hookups.That is not gonna help you.

A relationship has to be loving,caring, flexible and sustainable to withstand the test of time. Friendship, compatibility, chemistry, patience and clear communication are the key ingredients for a happy, lasting relationship.

Be Romantic always

For the first 12 years of my life, I was generally incapable of maintaining meaningful romantic relationships. My love life had been chock full of bizarre (sometimes hilarious) stories, narrow escapes, faux relationships and plenty of short bursts of intense, doomed passion masquerading as love.

Be friends.

The key to any lasting relationship or romance is friendship.

Being friends means liking as well as loving each other, having deep mutual respect and trust, being loyal companions and sharing a sense of humor and plenty of laughter.

You know how people always gush about having married their best friend? It’s because a foundation of friendship is the best policy when it comes to long-term relationship.