I had an encounter with one of those street boys in 2007,it was a very big drama that ended with much  joy..Was coming from alausa from job hunting, back then i was using this nokia that has orange light @ both side when you press any key on the phone (Nokia 35i,not too sure of the name again). I got to ikeja, this young guy approached me with Sony Ericsson K75i, the phone was the one in vogue then, he told me to buy the phone, is very cheap, I was like bros, I get phone, I no dey buy. He followed me, he said guy, just any amount, I will sell for you, I said ok. I asked him, how much? hHe said 5k, I told him I only have 1,500 with me, and that was the only cash I was having at that moment, he said the money was too small, he now asked, which phone was I using, I showed him my Nokia phone, he now said I should give him my phone + the 1,500 to enable me have the Sony Ericsson, I was like, correct, this guy don fall mugu.

I told him to give me his phone so that I can check if is ok, he gave me the phone, I checked, I even played ronaldinho video, was so excited with all the skills, dribble ronaldinho was displaying. I gave him his phone back, he also requested to check mine, he liked it also, @least we have both checked our phones, so the deal is about closing.

I collected back my nokia phone and removed my sim, gave him the phone + #1500, he gave me the Sony Ericsson, was so happy,@least if I enter hood for area with this phone, my paddies go dey feel am. I opened the back case of that phone to insert my sim,o boy! fear grip me! na confirm apku(fufu) dey inside, I looked up, my guy don jaaaa, kai I don fall mugu, me wey be waffi boy, we no dey carry last, before I knew it, people around me were just laughing, you be JJC, i say no, na lasgidi dey born me o, i no just come o. My phone, my cash all gone. I stood there for about 5mins, cracking my brain, because if I reach house tell my senior ones say one guy do this for me, the kind slap and insults I go receive no go get part 2. I was so confused, wont even be able to recognize the guy if I see him again.

Something just move me a little, as I was approaching the bridge @ oba akran, another guy approached me again, buy phone, guy buy phone, i no talk, i look the guy with bad eye, e just be like say make I wooz hin face, but I dare not, the guy tall, black, get muscular, i just bone am. I got to under the bridge met some policemen, I asked one of them I needed to see the OC(officer in charge), I met him, told him what happened, he just laugh, he said me sef don fall mugu, i told him I don’t know he his a thief, he now asked me, do I know the guy, i said yes in affirmative, he said correct. He ask me, where is the guy now? I don’t just know how it happened, my hand just rise and my finger was pointed to the 2nd guy that approach me after my phone and money enter voice mail. He said I should go gently, that they will be following behind to avoid the guy seeing them, he said when I get to him, I should grip him down, i said officer, this guy na man o, i no fit grip am, and truly this guy dey very huge. He said that is the only option I have, otherwise they won’t be able to arrest him and get my phone and money. I looked up, i looked down, i say God go with me, this is almost about death and life, i just got the courage, walked to him gently, and thank God he was backing my direction, i kept moving with a heavy heart beat,i move and got to where he was, i grabbed the guy from back, thank God for watching a wrestling fight a day before that day, i carried him, not minding how big he was, nack the guy for ground gbosa, gripped his neck, he was shouting wetin I do u,! wetin I do u!! The policemen came in fast and arrested him, gave him better slap, me sef with annoyance give thunderous slap too, he was moved to their vehicle.The crowd that gather that day, it was as if a movie was been acted. I was so happy, as in, i just be like super star.

We all got to where the policemen parked their vehicle, he was thrown inside and was hand cuffed, i was like correct. The OC now asked him, where is this boy phone that you collected, he said is not me o, is kabiru that collected the phone, i said correct. The OC then asked me, who collected my phone, i told the policeman, they are all together, he must know the whereabout of the guy that collected my phone even though I never met them both. To my suprise, this guy used his phone to call the guy that obtained me, that he should bring my phone and money now now o, that have arrested him, if not, he will bring the policemen to his house. As I heard that, i was just smiling, so happy………..

The said guy brought my phone and money, he stood very far away,and called the arrested guy,t he policemen sighted him where he was, he dropped my phone and money on the floor and ran away,one of the officer went there to pick the money and phone, i was just jubilating, dancing and was so excited.The arrested guy question me with anger that why did I have to lie on me for duping, stealing my phone and money, i told him straight to his face…I said, some of us sharp pass una, but we dey take am do legitimate deals, that is the head of the people he has duped in the past that is catching him, he was so angry, he could not do anything, his hand were already hand cuffed. I gave the OC 200 for a well done job, and he warned me never ever to buy things on the street, ever since then, i don’t try that poo again.