‘’…Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm’’. – 1 chronicles 16:22;Psalm 105:15

David was a man who knew so well the place of anointing, how powerful it is, how protective it is and how dangerous it is enemies – Act 13:6-11; Acts 5:1-1-10.David did not live up to human expectation but nobody could judge him because of the anointing – 2 Samuel 26:9. It is dangerous to go about ranting and judging anointed men of God, if you do that ,the anointing will come after you, and will destroy you – 1 Samuel 31:1-6. It is God’s prerogative to judge or to decide what to do with His anointed one when he/she goes off the track – Romans 14:4. In order not to fall victim to the terrible consequences of toying with God’s anointed, we are going to study ‘’THE SPIRIT OF ABSALOM’’. Endeavour to follow you a great good, prosper you and promote you in all sides.

The Spirit of Absalom – An in-ordinate ambitious evil spirit
The Absalom spirit is a super evil strategy that has the potential to ‘’steal, kill and destroy’’ any church, group or a business organization. This evil spirit was first found in Lucifer and in the case of Absalom and in anyone else that it operate through and fuelled by human wisdom (James 3:15) which produces complaints, gossips, and evil desire to express what one ’thinks as right’ and uses that expression cunningly to bring about his expected change in a church. Such complaints usually will appear to be accurate yet they driven or compelled by the spirit of truth but are empowered by a demonic spirit. A typical example is the poor which the Bible enjoins us to care for. Someone in union with an Absalom spirit might pick an offence and accuse the leadership of the church of it’s failure to care for the poor and the less privileged.This gossip can spread and people can rally round together and attempt to find someone in the church with influence who will agree with them.

It usually begins with an attempt to satisfy legitimate needs via manipulation.

GOSSIP: Most Christians fall victims to this sign or indicator of Absalom spirit, even though it is one of the easiest notable sign of this spirit. Perhaps more surprising is that so many do not really understand what gossip is. So then, what is gossip? ‘’Gossip is any discussion about a person or entity (such as church, group or business ventures) that the person or the leader (the object of ridicule talks at the absence or detriment of the subject). Adam and Eve was talked into by satan which led them to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It makes you think that you are right while your leader is wrong – Genesis 3:4-6.

PARALLEL OR CONTRARY VISION: You may see the see the need to for something in your church, and while this may be a valid need, you are expected to ask question, ‘’Does it agree with the specific or the general vision of the church. All churches are not assigned to do a particular thing exactly the same way another church is doing it. Absalom spirit is what is responsible for the formation of a parallel or opposing vision within the vision of the church.

ATTRACTING ATTENTION TO SELF: Absalom spirit is good in doing this. Are you gathering others around you for the purpose of seeking support for your viewpoint outside the view point of your church leadership?

STEALING HEART BY MANIPULATION: Absalom stole the heart of his father’s subject by cunningly appearing to be more concerned about their well-being than his father the king. He diverted the people from seeing the king and began to listen to their complaints with the promise of a better deal if he becomes the king.

RUNNING WITH YOUR LEADER: Are you disengaging from your leadership by shrinking back into a small group of disgruntled people or you are running with him and his vision by strengthening his hands? If you are not holding up the arms of your leader, then the spirit of Absalom is at work in you.

BREAKING UP WITH DISCOUNTENT AND A FIGHT: A lot of churches are born out of the spirit of Absalom. Are you nursing a desire that will lead to a break up? Or, are you willing to grow through the challenges in your church with the faith that the challenges will be resolved by the Holy spirit.

CONCLUSION: Decide today to stay away from the SPIRIT OF ABSALOM. This spirit always fight the anointing and as we progress, in part two(2), we will examine its success or failure in working and fighting against the anointing.