” Blogging is an easy way to make money online.”

And let me correct you on that statement Blogging is certainly one of the best way to generate money online,and also the best and easiest way so far.

All the income reports you have seen from top bloggers around the globe, no one made that amount of money in one day. It took them years of time, patience,determination,focus,dedication and hard work to reach that freedom of life.  Now, let me get back to the point and explain why blogging is one of the best way to make money online and why everyone should try their hands on it.

If we look at general mind-set of people who are studying, they all dream of getting a good job which off course the salary may not be enough to live up to expected standard.The way the recession is increasing globally, everyone is looking a way to earn passive income, and being online, we have an ample amount of opportunities to earn.

Blogging is one of the online business method, which I have tried, and it worked great for me, I try my best to empower those people who want to do something that no one else is not doing and earn from it.

Why blogging is easiest way to make money:

Let’s forget all the jargon we hear or read about blogging every day and look at blogging in simple to understand manner:

  • You create a blog
  • You pick a topic that you are passionate about. Example: Technology, Gadgets, Cooking, Programming, Life Management, Fishing, Dog care, Baby care, etc..etc..
  • You write the detailed article about the topics.
  • You sign up for AdSense and place the ad codes. (see here how to create AdSense account)
  • People come to your blog from the search, social networking sites, read your blog, click on your ads, and you start earning income.

Blogging is as simple as this, and everyone started like this. There are many advance stuff associated with it like SEO, Social media optimization, but all this comes at later stage, when you get the initial kick of blogging and start getting your first few dollars from it.

Now, let’s look at investment of starting a business around blogging:

Whenever you plan to start a business (Online or offline), you need to make an initial investment. You need to buy a place to do the business, you need to buy raw material to create the product, you need to market or advertise your business to get more clients. Usually in this case investment is high, and when you have a full-time job, you will find it impossible to do all this thing. Now, lets compare usual business necessity and investment with blogging:

Get a Place for your business:

This is usually the platform you are using to blog. If you are a complete newbie, you have the platform like BlogSpot to create a blog, and you can also place Ads and do everything with it to learn the basics of blogging. Once you cross that nascent stage, and you are ready to take your business to next level, you move to a self-hosted WordPress blog. All you need is a hosting space and domain name, which you can get for a cheap price.

There are guides like this, which teaches you how to create a wordpress blog  and learn more about how to use the platform itself.

Raw material and final product:

This is where the beauty of blogging lies. In blogging, raw material is your knowledge, and your final product is your blog post. In this case your initial investment is small, you will need a mentor/coach to put you through,all you need to do is put your mind, energy, creativity on your writing, and write a good content, which is useful for others, and add values. How hard it would be for a natural writer, or for people who know how to write anything. Perfection may not come from day one, but if you do not try now, you will never be perfect.

You will also need to do marketing and advertising too.

Now, consider all the three essence of a business with blogging and calculate the total investment. If you are on a free platform (BlogSpot), you will be running a business with zero investment, and with self-serving ad platform (Google Adsense), you will be earning at least enough to pay many of your bills. If you are technical and smart, you should rather invest on a self-hosted WordPress blog, which again doesn’t cost much to start a blog.

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Now,go get started!